Summer Newsletter  2019


School Summer Term ends on Friday 14th June

Montessori Summer Term ends on Thursday 20th June


We have come to the end of another busy school year. The children have had lots of fun and have made excellent progress.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support.


All the children have worked hard throughout the year. I hope that all parents have been in to discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher. If not, it is not too late to do so!


During the year we had an enjoyable visit from Helena Byrne the traditional storyteller and Ciara the Tooth Fairy which was both enjoyable and informative.


The school trips this term were very successful!

  • First class had a very successful trip to the National Gallery followed by a picnic in Stephen’s Green.
  • First Class and Senior Infants really enjoyed their trip to Fort Lucan. Despite the drizzle and the chill factor, the children showed great enthusiasm on the water slides!
  • Montessori and Junior Infants really enjoyed their visits to Luky’s Farm. We would like to thank her for the wonderful days she organized. They really enjoyed learning about farming life and meeting the Edmonstown Animals!
  • First Class are looking forward to their traditional hike from Kilmashogue to Ticknock on Tuesday, weather permitting.


We hope to hold Sport’s Day next Wednesday. This is always a fun day with plenty of healthy competition!


Our budding musicians have made great progress throughout the year. They will have a chance to display all their talent at the recital on Monday at 2pm.


Liz’s drama classes were a highlight of the children’s week. They always look forward with enthusiasm to Fridays! Liz says that she is amazed at how creative and competent the children are at showcasing their ideas. Well done to all the Feis prizewinners. We look forward to seeing them perform on Friday 14th at 2pm.


The children in Montessori will have a visit from Julie Rose and her Puppet Theatre during their last week in school.


End of Year Celebrations.


We are looking forward to our end of year celebrations on Friday 14th. We have organized the  Mega Run obstacle course yet again as it proved so popular with the children, teachers and parents!


School will be closing early on Friday 14th  in order to facilitate the First Class Play and Graduation Ceremony! We are looking forward to their production of  Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which they will perform  for their parents at 2pm!


Junior Infants————-12:15

Senior Infants————-12:30


Montessori classes finish at the usual time, but the children may be collected early if you have an older child in school! We are looking forward to another week of fun in Montessori.


We would like to wish the children who are leaving us this year all the very best in the future and hope that they will be very happy in their new schools. We look forward to hearing all about their progress and hope they will visit us in the coming years.



We would like to wish you all a safe and happy summer holiday! We look forward to seeing  you  at the end of August.