Childcare Policies and Procedures


The Code has been developed to inform and guide the decisions and behaviour of all Ardtona House School teachers.


Young children are especially vulnerable and rely on responsible adults to care and protect them. Our teachers at Ardtona House School are in a relationship of special trust – one that is powerful and important.

We recognise that our role is multi-faceted and we have developed this code of ethics to assist us provide the best quality service possible.


  • This Code of Ethics is underpinned by the following principles:
  • The well-being of the individual child is of fundamental importance.
  • We acknowledge the uniqueness of each child attending the school.
  • We consider the needs of the child within the context of the family and culture, as the family has a major influence on the young child.
  • We take into account the critical impact of self esteem on the individual child’s development.
  • We base practice on sound knowledge, research and theories, while at the same time recognising the limitations and uncertainties of these.
  • We work to fulfill the right of all children and their families for access to a schooling of high quality.

Based on the above principles Ardtona House School has developed the following Children’s Charter.


Children’s welfare and their rights to a secure, healthy and happy childhood are paramount. Children are entitled to expect that all adults will respect, uphold and preserve their rights and to ensure that their feelings and wishes are taken into account.

Children should have the opportunity to make choices and develop a sense of responsibility for their own actions appropriate to their age.

Children and parents/carers should not be discriminated against, particularly in relation to colour, age, race, religion, gender, disability, medical conditions or background.
Parents/carers should be recognised and respected as children’s first and continuing educators.